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Creating a new website or enhancing an existing one is a complex process with numerous intricacies. We will provide the most advantageous solution for improving functionality or fixing bugs on your website, and also enlighten you that the development of a new website doesn't simply start with design or choosing a CMS :)

Case 1

Development of an online store for contact lenses. The main task is to create a modern and functional resource. The website should be geared towards marketing activities and meet the needs of users.

Case 2

Development of a strategy and implementation of launching an online store for medical goods into the network. The work includes everything from developing the project structure and website to achieving over 50,000 organic visitors to the site.

02 Services and portfolio


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the best investment tools for a website. It enjoys a high level of trust among search engine users and brings in the most cost-effective leads. The majority of users prefer to click on links in organic search results because they inspire more trust.

03 Services and portfolio


PPC (Pay-Per-Click advertising) - a well-executed launch of advertising campaigns on the Google search engine (as well as its services) allows for acquiring initial clients in a very short period. It's an excellent tool for products with pronounced seasonality or whose demand is based on trends.

Case 3

Development of a strategy for launching an advertising campaign: setting up analytics and goals on the website, diagnosing the site for the presence of capture triggers, and preparing recommendations for improvement, collecting key queries and forming budgets. Creation of advertisements, setting bids, and forming a list of negative keywords. Additionally, advertising in Google Shopping and Google Merchant Center was enabled. In the future, monitoring the performance of campaigns, disabling ineffective ones, budget allocation, and other technical actions were carried out.


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