Online boutique of branded clothing

Information at the start of the project:

  • goal: to increase the number of transactions from the Organic Search channel;
  • acquisition of leading positions, relative to competitors, in the presented brands;
  • monthly cut-off of results with adjustment of further strategy;
  • providing a list of direct competitors and prioritizing brands for promotion.


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  1. Connected and configured Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other tracking services
  2. Collected and clustered more than 50,000 keywords
  3. Developing the structure of the site based on the keywords of the niche
  4. Writing technical specifications to meet the requirements of search engines
  5. Preparing content material for 350+ category/subcategory/tag pages
  6. Preparing content material for 200+ brand pages
  7. Manual optimization of titles and meta descriptions for 550+ promoted pages
  8. Import of prepared materials to the site
  9. Connection of management services and tracking of site efficiency
  10. Algorithm development and removal of more than 300,000 junk pages from the index
  11. Weekly checking of the site for new errors and control of their elimination
  12. Working with off-page optimization
  13. Strategizing and controlling the implementation of the second language version of the site by the developers
  14. Building a plan and cleaning the backlink profile from low-quality donors
  15. Selection of donors for placement of materials with external links

Work in numbers

  • 24 months
  • >1500 hours
  • >10 technical tasks

Visibility dynamics

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  1. from 30 to 85 points

    domain visibility increased according to Serpstat data

  2. +320 conversions per month

    81% of conversions from the Organic Search

  3. +50% of traffic from Organic Search

    targeted traffic from Organic Search channel increased by 11,000 users

Dynamics of positions

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Details of specific tasks

  • In the process of collecting and clustering the semantic core, it was revealed that it was the filter pages that had a great potential for attracting traffic. But due to technical limitations in the ability to customize the indexing of filters and their intersections, the client was offered and implemented a system of tag pages, which replaced the filter pages by their content.
  • The analysis revealed a large amount of content that had not passed the uniqueness check. The site received a big boost in visibility after replacing the previously posted content.
  • The analysis revealed a large number of pages with get-parameters, which, despite being banned for indexing via the robots.txt file, still got into the Google index. The reason for this was incorrectly configured rel="canonical" tag. After fixing the problem, the issue of removing about 300,000 URLs from the index, which, in fact, were complete doubles of canonical pages, arose. The task was complicated by the fact that it was impossible to refuse to generate such URLs on the site. The process took several months, but in the end all the garbage URLs were removed from the index.


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